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Bite-Sized Dungeon is a 9 page tabletop adventure game that you can play with absolutely no equipment.

You can use it to dive a forbidden ruin, fight monsters, steal treasure, and hightail it back to safety---all in the time it takes for your pizza to arrive, or for the bus to show up, or for the doors to open at the convention hall.

Use your hands to resolve checks, play modules from other systems with very little trouble, and hack to add in additional content.





  • 12.16.22: Standardized text color, resized all illustrations, added bookmarks, updated cover.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, OSR, trpg


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In terms of resolution mechanics it doesn’t get simpler than this - all you need is your hands. But the whole thing revolves around social interaction and a hint of bluffing, and it’s great. Bite-Sized Dungeon has got the creative part of my brain whirring in the best way.


honestly great stuff , might use some form of these to make things faster for solo play with rolling 2 dice against each other 


2 dice definitely works for solo, although it takes some of the intentionality out of the choices.

If you want a little more player control over the outcome, you could only roll for the "GM". The player chooses.


I was also thinking about the potential for solo: choose to succeed at a cost, or flip a coin and either fail with an opportunity or succeed entirely.

That's a really good modification!


This game system is honestly inspired. So simple, yet so powerful, the decision of "how many fingers" depending on what you want, versus what you think the GM will do... Absolutely deserves to be hacked. 


Thank you!

Folks are absolutely encouraged to hack this. It's a fairly simple engine, so any direction folks want to take it in is valid.