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So you've been sent to an interplanar trash zone.

Maybe a teleport spell misfired. Maybe you tried to banish a curse and didn't specify where you wanted to send it to. These things happen.

The important part is, there's currently countless uncrossable distances between where you were and where you are now.

But don't fret, because there's still hope.

Lots of wizards cast poorly calibrated teleport spells, and people try to inexpertly banish curses all the time. Loads of stuff accumulates in the interplanar trash zones.

All you need to do is find the right piece of abandoned equipment littered amongst the zone's other detritus, and you might just be able to get back out.

So, chin up. You're only looking for a needle in an interplanar garbage haystack. How hard can it be?


Exiles is a 20 page hexcrawl adventure for Bite-Sized Dungeon (https://kumada1.itch.io/bite-sized-dungeon) or any adventure game system of your choice.

Exiles does not include specific stat blocks or DCs, but it does give pointers on how to stat out creatures and challenges in different systems.

Exiles is suited to one or two-shots for adventurers of low to medium power.

It follows naturally from Bite Sized Dungeon Crawl #3 - Chaos In The Libraries, but it can also be run as a standalone or spliced into an existing campaign as a sidequest or an optional adventuring location.



  • 12.16.22: Standardized text color, resized all illustrations.
CategoryPhysical game
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TagsHexcrawl, OSR, raygun-gothic, system-neutral, Tabletop role-playing game


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