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Gullcurst Cape is forsaken.

Human settlers have tried thrice to move into the region, and thrice been repelled by its weird ecology and ominous occult energies.

Located to the south of Orbekswald, the cape was a nominal territory of the Agriarch Kings of old, but even they seem to have wanted little to do with it.

Over time, the mythology of the cape has made it a popular spot for passing pirates to stash their hauls. None go ashore for very long, as the area is dangerous and feral Gullmen lurk behind many outcroppings of rock.

For similar reasons, theft of another buccaneer's hoard is all but unheard of.

Of course, not all pirates make it back to recover their treasure. A particular folk story, circulated in taverns and dockside drinking dens, concerns Blacksail---a fearsome and successful sea-reaver who went missing long ago after a voyage to the cape.

Legend has it that her vast riches are buried out in the open, in the center of a circle of standing stones, overlooking the sea.

Even if this isn't true, an enterprising band of adventurers could make a lot of profit without angering anyone at all if they chanced upon the right abandoned sea chest.

But if it is?

The opportunity to strike it tenuously middle-class dangles within the party's reach.


The Dread Secrets Of Gullcurst Cape is a 20 page starting adventure for Bite-Sized Dungeon (https://kumada1.itch.io/bite-sized-dungeon) or any adventure game system of your choice.

Gullcurst does not include specific stat blocks or DCs, but it does give pointers on how to stat out creatures and challenges in different systems. For simple systems, it should be easy to stat on the fly. For more complex systems, it is recommended you use the stat blocks of existing creatures (with a few modifications) rather than brewing up everything yourself.

Whichever approach you take, Gullcurst should be suited to one-shots and three-parters, and it's designed to have a little bit of challenge to it, making it a good fit for seasoned players with starting characters, or new players with lightly seasoned characters.

It can also be spliced into an existing campaign as a sidequest or an optional adventuring location.



  • 12.16.22: Standardized text color, resized all illustrations.
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Hexcrawl, oldschool, Pirates, system-neutral, trpg, wilderness


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