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This is a bad idea.

It is driven not by what a designer should make, but what they could make.

More simply put, this is an RPG supplement that latches onto another game like a hagfish, slowly draining it of its essence.

I have no idea if it's fun to use, but if there's a book you don't mind actively weakening, you're welcome to place this next to it and let it latch on.


Game Lamprey is a 6 page universal RPG supplement---meaning it can be used with any game system, anywhere, ever.

It also permanently modifies and/or destroys that game system, so consider yourself warned.

EDIT: For more Game Lamprey reading, see this incredible write-up by @LiberLudorum

2nd EDIT: For even more Game Lamprey commentary, see this article on Immerse.


Other Games That Have Been Fed By The Lamprey:

-I Got Hit By A Meteor & Was Reincarnated As The Hero Of A Tabletop RPG by AlessandroAD

-GameLampshade by DeReel

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That was so inspiring, I've started designing things that feed on other games. Thanks for that!


Heck yeah! Let the weird and squamous game ecosystem thrive!


Hi! You got hacked for the Hackathon! Tell me if you’re OK with it… https://dereel.itch.io/game-lampshade

This is fantastic. I'm 100% okay with it!


"It also permanently modifies and/or destroys that game system, so consider yourself warned."

I am attempting to fathom this... This is precisely the sort of work (creature?) I should expect from you by this point, and yet I am still surprised


The good news is, if your Game Lamprey is ever doing too much harm to your core book, you can just install a Game Lamprey on your Game Lamprey. Five or so feedings later, the core book will be cured.


stop my brain is already melting hahaha


this game makes me feel like a designer or someone trying to follow the steps online to reach glitch town and slowly succeeding.

Some things the version i read does not include, but would likely arrive after the giddiness of writing and showing ppl a creation like this is given time to settle down: “all lamprays are allergic to safety rules”​ and if 1-page, ​change all instances of “page” to “line”.


Oh that's a good call. I endorse this.

Yeah, lampreys will not eat safety techniques. It's a dietary thing. They'll eat the rest of the page except for the technique, though.


Wait I just remembered the lamprey itself has X-card built in. It's not as comprehensive as the core game might be. But then again, there's cases where adding the lamprey might make the core game safer.


That's a sentence I never expected to write.


That’s a sentence I never expected to write.

Don’t be too surprised if it it has real-world examples! https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2016/08/12/489619045/could-worms-in-your-gut-cure-your-allergies