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For long ages, the arch-vampire has slumbered inside his geometric coffin.

But now the seals are broken, the formulae are smudged, and Dracula is loose.

As a creature of muddled mytho-historical origin, Dracula is not confined to any one setting or story. He can leap from reality to reality, claiming victims where he will.

And as a creature loosely associated with a pun based on tallying up numbers, Dracula also wields fell power over the nature of mathematics.

Unless he is stopped, he will rain untold terrors down upon the multiverse.

Which is where you come in.


You Have Installed The Wrong DLC is a 6 page universal ttrpg supplement that adds an optional reality-warping superboss to your game.

Track him down and defeat him in whichever ttrpg you install this into, or watch as the system itself is slowly corroded by his presence.

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Tagsdlc, dracula, Tabletop role-playing game, universal


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A completely perfect 5-page universal supplement. Funny bone tickled in the best way.

Thank you!


Got this game solely for how much one specific friend would love it and wasn’t disappointed. They loved it, we actually ALL went ham, and I was blown away by how solid and detailed this supplement actually is!

Whoah, thank you. I'm glad you all enjoyed it!


Everyday with you. Everyday it is something I can't even begin to process. And yet here I am, once again, drawn to your creations and enraptured with your mind.

This is going to be used in some kind of superhero game at some point, malignant math ruled by COUNT INNUUM A.K.A MATHOMAGIC DRACULA.


Heck yes! Count Innuum!


Am I a sucker— pun unintended, but immediately recognized and welcome— for Dracula? Yes. Absolutely. 

But that doesn't take away from the fact that kumada1 has managed to turn the Count into a metafictional invasive species, damaging the math of your favorite RPG until he's stopped. If your game universe needs a Dracula problem, depress that plunger and inject Dracula right into your game universe's veins. 


Thank you!