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Space Is Beautiful And It Goes On Forever

And this is terrifying.

The size of our reality is unbounded, defying a human need for limitations and endings.

No matter which way you look, there is always more.

More void, more matter.

More chaotic, cluttered emptiness.

The fear that this induces should force the human mind to turn back in on itself, to shrink from the unmitigated scope of the universe, and yet it's also strangely reassuring.

Although you will never see it all, you can just pick a direction and go and you won't run out of discoveries.

This is the core truth of the universe, and it is both wondrous and terrible.


Wondrous Terrible is a micro 4x tabletop story-game about exploring the stars and building a fragile civilization there.

It is best played with 2--6 people.

Its resolution mechanics use storytelling, map-drawing, and throwing dice at a bowl (although the bowl is optional, and there are backup mechanics if you don't want to use it.)

A typical game session lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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