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it is the 1980s and you are a product of your environment.

your environment is a Luna/Tech research lab, sterile and cold.

to appease their military masters, Luna/Tech is looking to engineer a hybrid warrior.

their scientists and behaviorists are working to merge the steel of the modern age with the primacy of the past.

their experimentation has fitted you with enhancements.

with surgery, they have modified your speed, your strength, and your loyalty.

and those loyalty modifications don't work nearly as well as they think.


W.O.L.F. is a 24 page full conversion hack of b. everett dutton's paranormal espionage action rpg, FIST, into a similar game of deniable asset wetwork.


Content Warning for violence, dismemberment, depersonalization, surgery, transformation, animals, the occult, all in a pulp action context.

Also this game uses a storytelling gimmick by default, but the gimmick isn't mandatory and there's guidance for throwing the gimmick out.


FIST can be found here: https://claymorerpgs.itch.io/fist


What people are saying about W.O.L.F.:

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsespionage, fist, Tabletop, tactics, Tabletop role-playing game, wolf


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A very cool reimaging of FIST. Rather than call out all the elements I like that are addressed in other reviews, I’ll point to two additional parts that I think are well-crafted.

First, the SPIRITUALISM vs INDUSTRIALIZATION dichotomy is a great way of balancing two competing elements that players will likely want to explore and perfectly encapsulates the underlying theme.

And, although described as a “gimmick,” delaying the wolf reveal sets up fun roleplay opportunities. Admittedly, the title and stats are on the nose, but with the prevalence of abbreviations and random powers throughout FIST, there’s a good chance that many players (even experienced gamers and storytellers) will not see the twist coming and be surprised.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Here I thought I had a remote chance to win the FIST Jam...then R Kelly comes out with this  beauty of a reimagining / supplement.

It can serve as either, providing alternate PC types for play in their own unique circumstances or for merging into a more standard FIST unit. The most wonderful thing is how the modified mechanics of play, in particular stat checks and character advancements, both promise a unique experience AND allow co-play with more traditional / core rulebook tactical espionage personnel. Compatible differences make unique characters who can still hang, or who can be the focus of their own stories. Fantastic!


Thank you for the praise! Although I will be flabbergasted if this wins the jam. Everyone always submits super cool stuff.


"Overall #1" : Called it! Congratulations!


What?! No! How?!