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At night New Babylon burns like it's been dressed in kerosene.

Every building, every billboard, every holoprojection straddling choked lanes of foot traffic presses the city like a neon brand to the throat of the dark.

No matter where you stand, you can't look away.


Weasel Overdrive is a 20 page cyberpunk one-session or short campaign trpg about being strange people in an uncaring metropolis.

Specifically, it's about being weasel-users.

Weasel-users are members of an ancient bloodline (or else people who have had their own problems solved by members of that ancient bloodline) who are bonded to half-spirit, half-corporeal weasels.

Weasel-users have a variety of powers, ranging from empathy to spirit-possession to pyrokinesis.

Unfortunately, using weasel-powers calls down misfortune upon the user.

And using them forcefully can kill the user.

But not using them can get other people killed, and that's the fine line you have to walk as a freelancer.

Clients will come to you with trouble, and you can heal the their ills---but only if you're willing to pay a cost for it.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I am feeling unexpected Emotions. A+ game. 

Thank you!