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Wastelander's Toolkit is a 10 page expansion for No Nut November (Squirrels Of The Post Apocalypse.)

It includes:

  • 8 new mutations
  • 8 new cybernetics
  • options to flee combat
  • options for eating meat
  • a leveling up system
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsPost-apocalyptic, squirrels, Supplement, Tabletop role-playing game


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Wastelander's Toolkit 12.21.21.pdf 936 kB


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This is a very good expansion! I really enjoy the way cybernetics work, and will probably have any cybernetics I might release follow similar rules for implementation. The mutations include some super interesting options. I also like that the level-up options are somewhat restrained so the game wouldn't end up having godlike squirrels a few adventures in.

The meat-eating rules are also good. In my own game, that has been something my players have been interested in, and I've had some consequences for it (minor injury), but having formal rules I think could really elevate that experience.

Also, if I ever do a bigger edit/rewrite of the original game, I'm definitely including that the party is called a scurry, and I'll refer to the party that way in adventures I write I think.

All-in-all, very good stuff here. I'm honored by the ways the original game is enhanced by this.

Thank you!

And I'd be happy to have any of these rules appear in a 2nd ed of the core game!