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From 2020 to 2023, I wrote some RPGs.

The Definitive Sprinting Owl Vol. 1 is a collection of them. It has been lightly edited and formatted for clarity.

It is 665 pages.


(Included Games: Fear No Evil, Ditches N Witches, Bottom Gun, All Wolf No Spice, Sexyback, Enemy Fire, Aidolls, We Were Nothing Before The Dungeon, Kaminari, They Mostly Come At Night, Werewolf High, Sun, Moon, Truth, American Healthcare, Bad Thing Twice, A Game Where Death Automatically Loses, It's Getting Hot In Here: A Game Of Antarctic Exploration, Date! That! Mothman!, Tall Lady Castle Game, Oh Do Not Find Me In This Castle Please, The Lady I Am Rescuing From Zombie Island Is Difficult To Read, Monday The First, The Villainess Is Dispossessed, I Know You're There, Leek Lancers, You And Your Friends Have Been Turned Into Bears (And The Only Way To Turn Back Is To Do All These Odd Jobs About Town), Fishblade, I Won't Stay And Get Old In This Kakapodunk Town, I Just Want To Enjoy My Peaceful Life In Another World But The Truck That Sent Me Here Has Developed A Thirst For My Blood, Chief Engineer, Graves For Funerals, Heroic Archivist, Vs The Bear, Game Lamprey, You Installed The Wrong DLC And Now You Must Fight Mathomagic Dracula, It's Time To Plant The Beans, Bog Monster, Knight Astray, Burnbright, Wolf Slopes, A Town Of You, Grip Slip Extreme, Final Night, What Little The Flames Leave Us, Dungeon At The End Of The Multiverse, Bear Force One, Radioactive Mermaids Of The Burning Sargasso, Bite-Sized Dungeon, Cat Potat, Crustacean Bus Station, Shudderspeed Complete, Squashbuckler, Cheese Squad: Stay Sharp, Ghost Kart Racers, 360 Heartgrab, 360 Heartgrab: Zone Magic, Iron Bough Tea House, Weasel Overdrive, Bus Station: Crustacean, Advanced Lobsters & Labyrinths, Goblin Cleaning Crew, We Have Killed Dracula And Now We Must Sit Vigil Over His Body Until The Dawn Has Come, Me And The Moon, Endr, This Book Will Burn, Bay)

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Tagsanthology, big, oneshot, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game, ttrpgs


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This is so sick, that I now have the flu.


Unintended side effect, I'll patch it out.


A monumental achievement.


Certainly a monumental layout. Half of the original afpub files for these things were held together with string and optimism.


I once had an old half-broken F150 that wouldn't die.  The solenoid kept going out on me, so I'd jump-start it by shorting out the unit with a big ole' screwdriver.  Sometimes instead of starting the engine would freeze up and refuse to turn over and I'd have to crawl under it and, reversing my grip on the screwdriver, use the handle to bang away at specific parts of the undercarriage to free the frozen components.  The steering wheel was a little loosy-goosy, so I kept a spare ViseGrip in the glovebox - if the wheel ever fell off, I could clamp onto the exposed shaft and shove the screwdriver into the loop at the end of the ViseGrip, driving home with the screwdriver handle in hand, something like forklift-style steering.  I kept that screwdriver squirreled away in a dry part of the truck's bed, so if I ever locked my keys in the car I could smash the window easy-peasy.

Sprinting Owl's stuff reminds me of my old screwdriver.  Tight packages with just a billion little mechanics, inspirational bits, microsystems and hacks that can keep your TTRPG endeavors running, interesting, and vaguely threatening.  I've bought a bunch of the items included in this bundle separately already, and it's still a steal for me at $13.  It's probably something you should buy too.


I experienced a moment of palpable relief when I discovered my writing was the screwdriver and not the F-150 in this anecdote.

(Thank you for the fantastic review! I'm glad you liked these games!)


If I was stuck on a deserted island with one RPG PDF, I would desperately hope it was this one. 

Sprinting Owl is probably the most prolific game designer I've encountered on Itch since I started following the sphere last year. Every time I look there is a new game with an exciting concepts and thoughtful design. 

This collection is organized by vibe so no matter what you are in the mood for its extremely easy to find something to play everytime you open the book.

If you are looking for something with nearly infinite replayability or want to learn more about what RPGs can be when you venture beyond mainstream tropes, this is a must buy.


Whoah, thank you. This is really kind!


I second this. Truly a creative juggernaut in the space, and someone that inspires me as a dev. I’ll make sure to snag this when I can!