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To the West is the Dark, swarming with Sirens and their kind.

To the East is the Light, armageddon to all that it touches.

Between them is civilization, scattered and hungry.


The Dawnline is a 233 page tabletop roleplaying game about a group of vampires protecting a nomadic village on a world where the day and night are places, and where all of society lives in the twilight in between.

The vampires depend on their village for blood and companionship. Without the humans, they would starve in the wasteland or forget themselves as they regress into feral states.

At the same time, the village depends on the vampires. The twilight they travel through is not safe. It is filled with strange ruins, desperate raiders, feral vampires, other villages, and creatures from the Dark ahead.

Only the vampires can protect the village, and only the village can shelter the vampires.

If their alliance comes apart, there will be nothing left of either of them but ash on the Dawnline.


Inspired by games like The Banner Saga, Darkest Dungeon, Ryuutama, Fate of the Norns, and novels like Vampire Hunter D, The Dawnline is a gothic desertpunk Oregon Trail where the players take the roles of immortal guardians defending a village as it treks endlessly through the twilight.

The Dawnline is suited to both spur-of-the-moment one-shots and long campaigns, and it has an ideal group size of 2 - 5 players.


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how do you produce so much content ? is this your fulltime job ?


Oh, these are from a few years ago. I just didn't have formal itch pages for them until now. They're hosted on dtrpg, so I had a link at the top of my profile, but I was worried that was keeping them a bit too buried.

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I have this in print, it's an amazing accomplishment of worldbuilding. You have never seen vampires done like this. The options and ideas here will overwhelm you with possibilities, and it's all backed up by a very strong system. Even if just for inspiration, I can't rate this game highly enough. Well done on all fronts.

Thank you!