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PRE-DATER is a mission that examines a FIST team's response to a technologically, tactically superior foe.

The FIST members have been deployed to PARACHUTE, Colorado, in response to anomalous readings and human disappearances near the former Rio Blanco test site.

RIO BLANCO was an early nuclear test in which three nuclear devices were detonated simultaneously in the hopes that the detonation would expose underground reserves of oil and natural gas.

This failed in its stated goals, but made the area around RIO BLANCO into a sort of signal flare for certain things that live beyond time and space.

The PRE-DATER is one such thing. Born to a culture of atemporal hunters, it seeks to consume significant moments from the lives of sapient, chronolinear creatures.

It has come to RIO BLANCO to take satisfying prey, and it will kill and kill again until the region is barren of human life.


PRE-DATER is 7 pages, and is designed for quick pick-up-and-play or to be an intro mission or interquel for a campaign.


Content Warning for memory removal, identity erasure, harm to families, primarily in a pulp action context.


FIST can be found here: https://claymorerpgs.itch.io/fist

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsespionage, fist, Horror, scenario, Survival Horror, Tabletop role-playing game


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Punny monster name? Check.

Project Shareplow references? Check.

Unique antagonist with abilities that force players to adapt their approach? Check.

This short one/two session FIST scenario is memorable, expandable, modifiable, easily internalized/memorized, and features a fun threat of the "potential -TPK but not world ending" variety. Which is the ideal level of danger, as it has givable stakes and may leave PCs defeated and scarred but not removed from play. In short, it checks all the boxes for a one off scenario within a campaign.

The monster is conceptually similar to Raggi's example of how to write a  monster from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess GM/ Referee guide, only scaled to heroic adventure instead of the LotFP / OSR "life hates you, suffering is your lot, you die in a hole, now roll a new character" philosophy. 

Good for FIST. Or, with mild tweaking, Dungeon World. Or a GLOG-like. Or Pulp Cthulhu.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!