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被卡車死神盯上的我只希望享受美好轉生:水泥攪拌車死神-TRPG 團務紀錄 2023.02.19 - YouTube

This is a replay recorded by another player

He said: The person who wrote this game is really amazing

Whoah, that's fantastic! I'm glad he liked it!


Someone has translated this superb concept into Chinese
異世界轉生卡車TRPG (

Whoah, that's super cool!

I'll put a link to the translation at the top of the page.

I'm also happy to give them credit and put some more info next to the link if they want me to.


Oh, he's very happy to do that.

Okay, cool! Just let me know how I should credit him, and any other information I should add, and I'll add it to the page text.


He said you were very enthusiastic

He is already satisfied

I'm very happy for it to have been translated!


surely if there is one rpg premise everyone can empathize with and understand, it is this