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It's 1990, summer vacation just started, and your best friend is a Hercules beetle the size of a minivan.

Welcome to Mushi Melee.

  • A Giant Friend: Mushi Melee is an 84 page hot-blooded-but-cozy TTRPG about giant beetles and the trainers that befriend them.
  • Everyone Can Play: Mushi Melee is suitable for all ages, with low stakes, mischief rather than violence, and every setback as a chance to grow.
  • A Loyal Partner: Outfit your Mushi with a variety of special abilities, grow its statline, and help it Molt into new and exciting forms.
  • Strategic Depth: Actions never fail in combat, so what you choose to do is more important than "do I hit?"
  • A Wide World Of Trouble: Build and explore your home town, break into cabbage patches, run from security, uncover a conspiracy, encounter bigfoot, and more?!
  • Versus Mode: Short on players? Not interested in rpgs? Mushi Melee's battle system also plays as a standalone 1 v 1 fighting game.
  • Simple Tools, Infinite Possibilities: Mushi Melee uses d6s, scrap paper, and imagination. It also comes with a GMing section, character sheets, and a combat quick rules reference.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Mushi King : Morden ?

I found out about Mushi King way late in development, but the parody of it in Yakuza Kiwami was indeed the initial catalyst for the game. There's also some influence from pokemon, digimon, earthbound, attack of the friday monsters, and some other stuff.


So is this like a monster taming tabletop rpg?

Yep! There's less of an emphasis on the taming (a la pokemon) and more of an emphasis on the monster just being your friend (a la digimon,) so it could also be called a monster raising ttrpg, but there are plenty of battles too.