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It's been twenty years since the...occurrence at that private mothguy boarding school was brought to the attention of the UN.

The series of major security meetings that followed was frantic, and several armies were called to ready, but after a week of nightly televised tensions the nations involved all reluctantly stood down.

The US had already tried to wage war on the mothmen once, and they still didn't have a munition that wouldn't bounce off.

Unfortunately, even without a war, human/mothman relations became difficult. In the intervening years, many mothman/human families were surrounded by For Sale signs as humans moved out of their neighborhoods. The incredible skills and near-indestructibility of the mothmen ensured that things escalated no further, but the gradual exodus of humans led to a high percentage of cities all around the globe establishing de facto mothmen zones.

In all of the forty years since the mothmen arrived, there had never been such a deficit of love.

But that's where you come in.

You are a student living on the edge of the biggest mothmen neighborhood in Los Angeles.

You live with your parents, and they have very specific views about what you should and shouldn't do.

Respect the law. Do nothing dangerous. Find a quiet job. Don't make trouble for adults.

Mostly you've tried to live up to your parents' expectations, but a week ago you were jostled off a curb and into traffic, and a hot, winged dude swooped by and saved your life.

He was a mothman, and he was cruising on a skateboard.

In that moment, your dreams took flight.


Mothman Pro Skater is a 10 page skaeboarding and dating trpg. It's the third game in a trilogy including Date! That! Mothman! and Fancy Holland Moth School Moth Club.

In this one, you are a regular student (high school, college, grad school, or trade) who gets adopted by a circle of rule-breaking, daredevil, skateboarding mothdudes.

You play by telling a story with friends, and occasionally by making some choices to determine what happens next.

If you're familiar with that really well-known game about the lizards and the basements, this is like that, but instead of either of those things you're doing sweet skate tricks with mothmen.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsmothman, Romance, skateboard, trpg


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