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It has been 30 jillion years since humanity abandoned earth and took to the stars.

And it's been thirty jillion years since the hot mothmen that lived alongside humanity followed them there.

However, in those 30 jillion years, the Cyber United States Of The Known Universe---a repressive empire---has been working tirelessly on a secret project. Their goal: to develop a weapon that could finally hurt at least one of the neigh-invincible mothmen.

One hundred years ago, CUSOTKU laboratories announced the fabrication of the first L.A.M.P. rounds. These Light-Activated Machine Potential rounds release powerful strobing effects when they're fired, giving mothmen minor headaches for a few seconds.

Fortified with the power of their new invention, the Cyber United States immediately re-declared war on the mothmen, and their soldiers have been struggling to suppress the hunky space-cryptids ever since.

Although casualties have been high, it is the belief of the top CUSOTKU scientists that some day soon, the Cyber United States will finally succeed in killing its first mothman.

But this is of little comfort to you, a rookie soldier on an important CUSOTKU mission.

Your task was to board Mothstation 13 and sabotage it, forcing the mothmen on board to flutter lazily to their next nearest outpost, entirely unbothered by the hostile vacuum of space.

Unfortunately for you, you have succeeded, and you have also been caught off-guard by two surprises.

Surprise one: the escape vessels that were supposed to be your exfiltration route have been sabotaged, leaving you with no way out.

Surprise two: the station has no relevance to the war. The small crew of chiseled, shredded, absolutely ripped mothmen operating it are all caretakers and nurses.

Because the station is a nursery.

And the larvae within it could be seriously inconvenienced by its destruction.

Now with no way off the station, you'll have to work with the avowed enemies of the Cyber United States if you want to survive.

Also---and this is like a real minor detail that's probably not in your surface thoughts---you might be kind of attracted to one of them?


MOTHMAN 30J is the fourth game in the Mothman Romance TRPG trilogy. It's 13 pages, and is about space.

You do not need to have played the other games in the trilogy to play this, although it does follow directly from the metaplot of Mothman Pro Skater.

In this game, you are a junior soldier of the Cyber United States, you're in way over your head, and circumstances are forcing you to rely on the hot mothmen your empire has sworn to destroy.

You play MOTHMAN 30J by telling a story with friends, and occasionally by making some choices to determine what happens next.

If you're familiar with that really well-known game about the lizards and the basements, this is like that, but instead of either of those things you're in a desperate situation with a band of hot mothmen.

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TagsGM-Less, mothman, One-shot, Romance, trpg


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