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The flier is faded and crumpled at the edges and you hold it out like a snake.

"Camp Slaughterpeak Wilderness Retreat!" it reads. "First annual get-together for Final Girls!"

Below that are several lines of text breathlessly explaining that no, you do not have to be a girl, you just have to have survived some kind of a run-in with a supernaturally powerful machete dude to qualify.

"Snacks! Drinks! Relaxing By The Lake!"

None of that sounds appealing, but that's because you drowned in that lake some fifty years back. The counselors who were supposed to be watching you were playing spin the bottle instead.

Water runs down your lank hair, the way it always does, as you adjust wide, dark eyes to study the flier in further detail.

"Arrive by noon on Monday the 1st!"

That's tomorrow.

A dry rattle escapes your throat.

It's been lonely in these woods ever since they closed down the camp.

But perhaps you're going to have company again.


Monday The First is a 16 page survival horror TTRPG that uses spin the bottle and social deduction as its mechanics.

It is built on the excellent engine of Spin The Bottle by superdillin.


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(1 edit) (+2)

Looks like both a fun take on Social Deduction games (Mafia, Secret Hitler, etc) and a good way to build a suspenseful slock horror story. Nice!

The last six pages either have a serious error or are a hilarious subversion of expectations. I can see playing it either way (as is or "fixed")


(It's 100% the second one, but you can also 'fix' it and play the game straight if you want to!)


Also thank you for the review!

(1 edit) (+2)

No problem! Do you want me to edit my above comment so I don't 'give it away' to the unaware?


No, it's all good! I don't mind if there's a hint on the page that all is not as it seems.