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When the Cosmic Farmer created the universe, he took all that was of value and hid it away behind plywood and wire.

Succulent, defenseless chickens---a full meal, every one---could have been left to roam free. Instead, in his malice, the Farmer sealed them away inside the Coops: dungeons designed to punish and expel foxes desperate for a taste of the forbidden fowl.

In the ages since then, life has been hardscrabble.

Foxes get by with what they can forage.

Some starve.

Others join armed bands, hoarding whatever food they can find.

And a rare few? They decide to spit in the eye of the Farmer.

They go after the Coops, and they get fed...or die trying.


Mendicant Spell Vixens is a 153 page tabletop roleplaying game about foxes breaking into ancient dungeonesque henhouses in order to steal chicken.

It's built to take maybe ten minutes to learn or teach, but also to serve up a satisfying platter of challenge and crunch in oneshots or campaigns.

Some of the big inspirations are Into The Odd, Slumbering Ursine Dunes, and Deep Carbon Observatory, but if you're used to D20 or other OSR, you'll definitely be comfortable here.


Mendicant's core dice mechanics are simple---roll a 4+ and succeed---but Skills and effects tend to manipulate the size of the dice you roll. Mendicant uses a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 dice set, but the right set of circumstances can turn your d4 into a d12, or vice versa.

Monsters and NPCs do not roll dice---you only roll if you want to oppose them---and perception is never rolled at all. Instead, the GM is required to tell you if there's something worth noticing in your environment. The GM is also allowed to hide that information in among their other environmental descriptions, resulting in narration like this:

"Small animal bones cover the floor. Torches gutter and burn in their twisted sconces. In the northwest corner of the room, you see a small decorative garden."

Is the decorative garden a mimic? Play to find out.



  • 2.16.22: 1.1st Edition uploaded. This version features a different layout and fixes a few typos from the first edition.
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsChicken, folktale, foxes, oldschool, trpg, woodland-crawl


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