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When the Oheys left this world, they left it in ruins.

The trees that once carpeted the hills were torn to shreds by their machines.

The meadows that once stretched to the horizon were blighted by their weapons.

Even the waters were sickened by their poisons.

Fortunately, in their race to self-annihilation, the Oheys were less than thorough.

For weeks, you and your band have trekked up the coast of the northeastern state once known as Myine.

Every day has been colder than the previous, and soon autumn will shed its coat entirely, laying bare the wilderness to the ravages of winter.

But you are no longer afraid, for you have found it. The last bastion of the Oheys.

An island where trees remain.


Keep Of The Oheys is a 15 page module for No Nut November (Squirrels Of The Post Apocalypse.)

Explore a mysterious island where trees seem to have survived the apocalypse, and scavenge for food before winter arrives.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsmodule, squirrels, Tabletop role-playing game


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I love this! It looks and feels exactly like things made for NNN should. The story and choices in it are great. The risks, consequences, enemies, and new mechanics all perfectly fit in with the game. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to play NNN should download this.

It's clear you really "get" the game and made something that fits perfectly in the universe. I'm considering this official No Nut November content in my head.


Thank you!