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In ages long past, before the ancients learned how to meddle with creatures' life strings, cats came from one place: other cats.

This was inconvenient, as an unsupervised population of cats could quickly hit critical mass, burying a whole ecosystem under the weight of rapidly spawning expert mousers.

So the ancients, in an effort to stem this remorseless tide of felines, introduced a tiny change into their nature.

Cats could no longer spawn other cats. Only we could grow them.

Which where you come in.

Welcome to Yowlchirp Farm.

You are to be our newest cat-rancher and, we hope, our most successful one.

Cat-ranching is a challenge, as the ancients didn't want it to be so easy to create a cat that you could accidentally plant a whole field of them. However, with a little attention and care, we think you'll find the knack for it in no time.

To help get you up to speed, we've prepared this step-by-step guide to growing a cat.

The first step is planting the beans.


It's Time To Plant The Beans is a 9 page, dice-stacking, journaling RPG about growing cats on a cat-farm.

It's designed so that you can play it in "narrative mode"---writing about your cats as they grow---or as an idle dice-stacking game that you can play while waiting for your turn to come up in something a bit more crunchy and tactical.

But more importantly, it's designed to let people grow cats from beans, as nature intended.


As of 8/10/21, we now have this amazing art:

-A Full Harvest of cats, illustrated by @KadenRamstack

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this game is so good, i’m going to play it 11 or 8 more times


Whoah, I wasn't expecting a full playthrough, and this was a lot of fun to read!

Congratulations on Best In Show!


cant wait to play this game ! i just dont have enough dice for it



If you're short on dice, you might be able to substitute beads or other small objects (such as pieces from board games) for the towers.

Dice are still needed for the weather, so I'm not sure Beans can run entirely diceless, but this'll reduce the number of necessary dice by a bit.


i have a dice app on my phone ! i could roll for weather using that and use other objects for the towers , thank you !


I heard about this game on Twitter and I'm excited to take a look at this creator's other games, because this is a genuine delight. "It's Time To Plant The Beans" has a lovely aesthetic and laid back presentation. The object of the game is grow cats from "beans" (referencing kitty toe beans) as they have, in this world, been altered so that they must be grown as crops.

The gameplay occurs over "rounds" where you stack dice to grow your cat beans according to special rules dictated by one of six weather types. This can disrupt your growing beans and cause them to start regrowing. Each day you journal the day's results and should you successfully grow a kitty, you journal the description of that cat, whether they are adopted off the farm, or stay on with you. Alternately, you can draw your successfully grown cat!

The final set of rules give rough suggestions on how long to play or playing as something to do between your turns during other games you might be playing. Overall, "Plant The Beans" feels very successful at being what it set out to be: a chill hybrid dice-stacking/journaling game about growing cats. Definitely pick it up and give it a try.


Thank you!