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There's dust balls the size of housecats under the sofa.

Dishes in the sink are stacked in teetering heaps.

Three of your best mates are wrestling a push-broom across the floor, and you're squaring off against a mound of delivery boxes.

The boxes are staunch. Formidable. Each one contains an abyss of potentialities.

Any one of them could contain your doom.

But you don't flinch. You don't shirk. You roll up your tiny goblin sleeves, wade in, and start ripping cardboard, because that's what you're here to do.


Goblin Cleaning Crew is an 8 page game about cleaning your surroundings.

It's played with a messy environment and a mob of helpers.

Also it gives you bonuses that are universally compatible with other RPGs.


As of 11/10/21, Goblin Cleaning Crew has been featured in this fantastic article by @LiberLudorum : https://liberludorum.com/2021/11/10/ludo-garbologies/

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagscleaning, goblin, trpg


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Nice! This reminds me of https://orioncanning.itch.io/garbage-god, as it’s both funny and pervasive.


Oh yeah! I didn't know about Garbage God when I wrote this, but Garbage God is really cool.


I’m proud that I brought Orion Canning’s game to your knowledge.

The pervasive LARP factor in both your games is strikingly beautiful. Notably “Your GP are valid in other games too. Show this to an other game’s GM as proof” is deeply hilarious and clever designwise. It drives your Game Lamprey point home, only with comic lubricant. Everybody gets it.

Nice thing you did to your game illustrations ;)


Thank you!

I have zero art background, so I'm extremely happy if I managed to pull off an aesthetic with the layout.


I meant for the other games I saw popping on my feed.


Oh! Sorry about that. I was updating some basics and I didn't realize it was going to blow up everyone's feeds.