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Lord Aoyama was your master.

He wronged you and killed you, but in doing so he made two mistakes.

He angered your spirit.

And he left an unsecured motor-kart in his stable.


Ghost Kart Racing is a 20 page supernatural racing trpg in which you shred rubber, use power-ups, and unhinge your entire face to devour the man who wronged you.

It can be played as a dice-flicking warm-up game, or in full RPG Mode.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsfolktale, Horror, trpg


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Okay, I was drawn by the ridiculous and silly premise. However, in practice, I really enjoyed this game! 

The mechanic of using dice as your kart is awesome. I will mention, though, this is a more difficult game to play online on platforms such as Tabletop Sim. So, I would highly recommend you play in the meatspace. 

Though, even if you don't feel like the theme works with your style of game, I feel this game's rules can be applied in a wide variety of situations. Right now, I'm thinking of pulling together an Acceleracers-themed campaign for these with some Hot Wheels cars.

Even if all of this doesn't feel like what you want. You can still apply it to your pre-existing campaigns. If there's any sort of vehicle-based chases I have in any of mine, I will use this system.

 Well worth $5.

Thank you! I hadn't even thought about using it as a plugin minigame to handle car chases, but I love the idea.

For systems that include a driving skill, you could maybe convert ranks in that driving skill into levels of Charms. Or you could just run the Ghost Kart engine as-is whenever racing happens.

I hadn't heard of Acceleracers before, but it looks rad, and I'd be honored for this game to be used for an Acceleracers campaign.


The Short:

  • This game is delightful and oozes character.
  • The dexterity-based mechanics make the game immediately intuitive and easy to teach.
  • The extra rules stack on like deliciously absurd pancakes, amounting to a surprisingly filling stack of a meal in the form of a possible one-shot RPG.
  • 10/10 It's well worth your 5 dollars and time.

Ghost Kart Racers is one of those tabletop games that you start reading and immediately the Diddy Kong Racing lobby theme pops into your head. And by that I mean I've literally never read a tabletop game that has ever instilled that in me until now.

The pseudo-Japanese Horror theme feels like a fresh take on the tried and true genre of kart racing games... And also y'know the whole fact that it's a kart racer you play on tabletop (or, if you're like me, the floor). It even has optional charm rules that add the same kind of chaos that items do in kart racers.

This feels rife for a possible one-shot (yes, it has optional RPG mechanics that are clean and flavorful) or just a good time with your board gaming  buddies. Additionally, if you're reading this at 2 a.m. like me and very interested to test out what playing a lap is actually like, you can run "time trials" against yourself trying to get the best possible score on different courses you lay out for yourself.

All in all, if this game has caught your eye, you're probably the target audience and will enjoy its absurdist and playful nature~


This is better than any review I could have hoped for! Thank you!