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You Are Fishblade

First of your name. Last of your name.

You were wronged by a fisherman, dangled on the end of a line, drowned in air, left for dead.

But you did not die.

And now you will have your revenge.

Also you've picked up a sword somewhere and the question of how you wield it is never addressed in this text.


Fishblade is a 6 page TTRPG where everyone is in control of a single fish with a blade.



  • 5.1.23: Adjusted the loss condition to make play *slightly* less frantic.


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Since those halcyon days back in the 40s when I first discovered fishknife, I dedicated my life to tabletop games. Waking up from cryosleep 100 years later, I'm utterly delighted to see that fishknife is still going strong. Fish well, ye poisson privateers!

Captain Fishmerica?!


Stand easy, citizen. I'm just here to talk ttrpgs


This is a great module to flesh out my Diving & Deepsea campaigns, but I was wondering if a hybrid Salmon/Anglerfish can still use Magnetic Fieldsense after specializing in Bathyaltravel or if it's a sort of "one or the other" situation [?]


Ah, good question! Some perception abilities do receive a stacking debuff scaling off of ocean depth, but Magnetic Fieldsense should be unaffected unless someone in your party takes the Compass Eel class.


It may have taken a decade, but with "Fishblade" Kumada1 has manifested an (the?) answer to Epidiah Ravachol's ancient-by-the-internet's-standard question "What is a Roleplaying Game"?

It *looks* like a gag, like a throw away joke in response to the fury surrounding the OGL nonsense going on as of early 2023, but is (intentional or not) a stealth rejoinder to the Indie RPG scene's big question of 2013, and it's answer is both a full throated declaration in the field of "RPG Theory" and an instance of a baller way to kill an evening with friends.


An essential analysis of this key period in Fishblade history!


Finally got a game in with a big group (6 first time players) and it quickly descended into 'introduce character and describe how I stabbed them' in four near-consecutive beats. Very little extraneous to the core mission of killing the fisherman. The whole thing took maybe four minutes. I'd call it a success though, everyone had a look of panic or amusement on their face the entire time. It'd be interesting, and I hope to test this out, to see if the same group of players start getting long winded or complicating each other's play on repeated exposure now that they're at least passing familiar with the game...

Oh no! That's the first documented Fishblade speedrun!

I think I may have made the 'Ending Fishblade' penalty a little too severe. A friendlier version might be that if a player stops talking for longer than 3 seconds, they can't narrate again until Fishblade moves on to the next target. Fishblade is only defeated if all players cannot currently narrate.


I've updated the core rules to reflect this. It should now be a bit safer to fishblade.


Fishblade is a story rich experience that takes the corpse of all TTRPGs and wears it, like some kind of weird body puppet. With industry defining clapping mechanics you can "clap back" at all your enemies. Walk the path, but not with legs, with fins or something.


This is poetry


An excellent Dungeons and Dragons experience


Happy to deliver on the Thing That All TTRPGs Are!


Wait, this was real? Lol

Not before the tweet, no.