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I took one look at the short description/thumbnail and came in all "YOU MEAN LIKE NICKELODEON'S EARLY 90S ANTHOLOGY FORMAT CHILDREN'S HORROR SHOW ALONE IN THE DARK!?!?" and yes, clearly, you mean just like that. I grabbed one of the free ones (I didn't even know that was a thing before now, I still have so much to learn about Itch).


Community Copies are a bit of a roundabout process to set up. The info is buried in this tutorial about rewards:

Everyone should always feel free to grab community copies of any of my stuff. The only reason my mid-length games currently have a pricetag at all is so that I can try to get a sense of if/how fast they're moving---although if I can recoup art expenses on them, that makes the model self-sustaining, and that's good too.

As for Dusk Sequence's inspiration, I didn't set out to make Are You Afraid Of The Dark the trpg, I sort of just started from the title and worked backwards. And then like a month after I'd finished the draft, the (really unbelievably good) new miniseries aired.

wait there's a new...and it's good...? whoa.

The first ep might still be on youtube. It's genuinely incredible. It was made to be an in-theaters movie, but that got scrapped and it was aired as a miniseries instead, and my goodness it works perfectly in that format.

Probably one of my top ten favorite works of horror media, and it does that while simultaneously being a heartfelt homage to the original show.