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You are all kids and you are all members of a secret club. The town you live in is boring and the other kids at your school are kind of standoffish, so you spend a solid chunk of your free time sneaking into forbidden or abandoned or otherwise spooky places together and telling scary stories there.

You do this because it's fun, because there's a shared sense of unity in being somewhere you're not supposed to be, and because you like being scared---at least a little bit.

What you don't know is that one of your club-mates has not been having a good week. They've become the focus of their own personal horror story---and by the end of the evening's activities, you'll all have been dragged into it.

So it's up to you to tell good stories, strengthen your bonds with your friends, and maybe (just maybe) survive the night.


Dusk Sequence is a 15 page tabletop roleplaying game built around one-shots and telling ghost stories.

It has a rotating GM role, uses poker chips, and is partly inspired by Golden Sky Stories and Are You Afraid Of The Dark?



  • 5/23/22: Minor cosmetic edits.
  • 5/23/24: Added Storyteller and Subject sheets.
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, storytelling, trpg


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I took one look at the short description/thumbnail and came in all "YOU MEAN LIKE NICKELODEON'S EARLY 90S ANTHOLOGY FORMAT CHILDREN'S HORROR SHOW ALONE IN THE DARK!?!?" and yes, clearly, you mean just like that. I grabbed one of the free ones (I didn't even know that was a thing before now, I still have so much to learn about Itch).


Community Copies are a bit of a roundabout process to set up. The info is buried in this tutorial about rewards: https://itch.io/docs/creators/exclusive-content

Everyone should always feel free to grab community copies of any of my stuff. The only reason my mid-length games currently have a pricetag at all is so that I can try to get a sense of if/how fast they're moving---although if I can recoup art expenses on them, that makes the model self-sustaining, and that's good too.

As for Dusk Sequence's inspiration, I didn't set out to make Are You Afraid Of The Dark the trpg, I sort of just started from the title and worked backwards. And then like a month after I'd finished the draft, the (really unbelievably good) new miniseries aired.

wait there's a new...and it's good...? whoa.

The first ep might still be on youtube. It's genuinely incredible. It was made to be an in-theaters movie, but that got scrapped and it was aired as a miniseries instead, and my goodness it works perfectly in that format.

Probably one of my top ten favorite works of horror media, and it does that while simultaneously being a heartfelt homage to the original show.