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You are a crab.

You live in a tidepool community with other crabs.

However, your crab factory job is at the other end of the beach. To get there, you must traverse dangerous terrain, evade seagulls and seals and morays, and wear yourself out scrambling over barnacle-covered rocks.

This commute would be so much easier if you had a bus.

Unfortunately, crab bus stops are banned by seal civic ordinances. Crabs are rejected from the prestigious Seagull School Of Engineering. And Moray Refreshments, your factory job, is very strict about attendance. Miss even a few minutes of your shift and you risk having your pay docked---which will put you behind on your rent and give Octopus Realty all the incentive it needs to start processing evictions.

You're between a rock and a hard place, but fortunately that's where a crab thrives.

Tonight, you're going to build your own bus with nothing but pincers and theft.


This is a tabletop roleplaying game.

It's 25 pages.

It has 12 Classes.

And it's built for oneshots.


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Tagsbus, crab, Heist, oneshot, Tabletop role-playing game


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I really like how colourful the encounters are in this, the way the "monsters" are brought to life. And that every encounter only has N rolls! That just takes things away from the "simulation" idea which is really cool. 

Thank you!

I tend to lean more game-y, less simulation-y with my design (although I like simulation-y stuff too,) and I'm glad this one was fun!


This is one of the best RPGs about crabs making a bus I've ever seen and that's not a joke. 


Thank you!

Although I didn't really write this one intentionally. It kinda just evolved into the niche.


That do be how it is. I have some more concrete thoughts I'll try to add in a bit.