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Three seasons ago, the Dimming came.

It started in midwinter, where its effect was almost unnoticeable. But then spring came, and summer, and the days did not grow longer. Instead, the sunlight became thin and strained. The nights turned grim and inescapable.

It is clear something is wrong, and it is clear that no one else has the means to stop it, so you have packed your bags and slung a quiver of torches over your shoulder and you have set out for the one place where the Dimming might be stopped.

Candlehold is an ancient fortress, built on cursed grounds. Crops grown near it weaken and die. Animals in the woods that circle it wear forms lean and strange.

And every night since midwinter, the top of  its tallest tower has burned like an earthbound sun.

The uncertainty of your mission gnaws at you. You know of none that have been to Candlehold and come back. But if you give up, who will take your place?

Setting your gaze firmly ahead, you walk through the outer gates of the fortress, and into the unknown.


Burnbright is a 9 page one-shot storytelling rpg in which the core mechanic is blowing out a candle.

It supports both single-player and group games, and is best played in the dark.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tagsatmosphere, candles, Short, trpg


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