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It is the early 2000s.

You are one of the thousands of people living in Biz City; a dense, sprawling metropolis in a warm climate.

Over the past twenty years, the economy has boomed, busted, and crawled back out of its recession with stagnant wages. Workers have lost rights. The average household clings by its fingertips to the middle class.

Entertainment is flourishing. Consumer goods exist in infinite variations. But the number of jobs that can actually support a person have thinned, and the prerequisites for getting into them have grown stricter.

It's easy for a person to fall through the cracks; to have one bad break and never recover. To spend every week chasing a debt that gains interest faster than it can ever be repaid.

You are one of those people.


Biz City is a 47 page TTRPG inspired by the Ryuu Ga Gotoku (龍が如く) series, also known as Yakuza.

Like Ryuu Ga Gotoku, it's about economic class, compassion, mercy, and the strangeness of other people as much as it's about elbow-dropping a crime boss while helicopters circle the skyscraper you're fighting atop.

Biz City is powered by the Caltrop Core engine by @TitanomachyRPG , and hacked to include a type of 'heat' that builds with every roll, a small business system, modified combat, a writeup of the setting's major districts, and a starter scenario.



  • 5/7/22: A great many hyperlinks within the document hadn't actually been hyperlinked. This is now fixed.
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Tagscaltrop-core, Crime, drama, poverty, sidequests, Tabletop role-playing game


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