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Some travelers wander into the low places once. A few make that mistake a second time. But those who return thrice? They have dedicated themselves to the road.

Even the uninitiated can pick people like this out of a crowd.

Road Adepts have hair that's matted and damp. They have grime under their fingernails. They wear mismatched tourist kitsch and fraying jeans. They keep bus passes and pencil stubs in their pockets, and they smell faintly of brine. There is no formal ceremony for joining their numbers. You simply enter the low places three times and survive.

There are no mystic secrets, no hidden wells of power available to the adepts. Just luck and tenacity. They share stories sometimes, of dim lights and diesel fumes and close escapes from reaching claws, but they are particular about which kinds of information they give away,

No road adept will ever say it straight, what drives them to do this.

One trip through the low places solves all of your problems. So who then would be crazy and broken enough to keep returning?

And what strange vistas await a habitual traveler?


Advanced Lobsters & Labyrinths is a 24 page expansion for Bus Station: Crustacean, the dungeon-crawling roleplaying game about navigating a liminal-reality crab-themed bus station.

It provides three premade bus stations for travelers to explore.


Advanced Lobsters & Labyrinths can be used with or without this expansion pack: 



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